Julianne Aguilar

is an artist, essayist, and speculative fiction writer. Her work is inspired by the internet, video games, weed, old floppy disks found in thrift stores, fancy pencils, household appliances with googly eyes stuck to them, hell.com circa 1999, 80s interior design books, that one episode of the X-Files where Mulder and Scully investigate a murderer in a video game and then go into the video game and then the murderer is a stripper, abandoned MMORPGs, shitty pencils, really nice lamps, the 1995 film Hackers, Geocities, New Mexico sunsets, the 1993 graphic adventure puzzle video game Myst, disaffected robots, sadness, the musical stylings of Dolly Parton, the 1996 first person shooter Quake, passive aggressive emails, active aggressive emails, puffy tacos, aol.com email addresses, and her cat Toki. She lives in Albuquerque next door to some nice drug dealers.

She received her MFA from the University of New Mexico, and has presented works at Vancouver Art Gallery, SITE Santa Fe, The University of New Mexico Art Museum, Festival Miden in Kalamata, Greece, The Athens Digital Arts Festival in Athens, Greece, and other traditional and non-traditional art spaces. She lives in New Mexico. She can be contacted through her Google webportal at julianneaguilar.

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